Therèse Jobse


“When the world seems inhumane, the sense of survival is infinite.”

(NL – “Wanneer de wereld onmenselijk lijkt, is het gevoel van overleven oneindig.’)

By feeling the paint in my hands, I’m more close to my artwork. Feelings of boundlessness and limitlessness came right out of my soul. Transporting movements, emotions and creativity directly on the canvas. The paint floats through me, takes my inner feelings, unspoken emotions and lessons I have learned in life. Life is constantly searching for answers, looking for your own limits. Finding out that there are no limitations in dreaming. I keep chasing my dreams and it gives me energy and a purpose in life. Through my art I want to communicate those lessons with the world.

200×150×2,5 cm

Arylic on canvas
Artwork is aluminium framed


Therèse Jobse
Therèse Jobse