The Unveiling

Therèse Jobse


“When the inner child frees itself, vulnerability can be embraced.”

(NL: “Wanneer het innerlijke kind zichzelf bevrijdt, kan kwetsbaarheid omarmd worden.”)

48 years there was a shield around me. A shield of playing a role in life. Always trying to rescue people from the bad things in life. I was focused on others and not on myself. My heavy youth time gave me this role and finally I am released of this responsible task. I no longer have a heavy backpack that I carried with me all my life.

I feel more soft and tender. Surrounded by the sound of singing birds. The beauty of nature carries me in her hands, all I have to do is focus on my own life energy and I will create all the beauty what’s in me!

200×150×2,5 cm

Arylic on canvas
Artwork is aluminium framed


Therèse Jobse
Therèse Jobse